Dynamic Intertrade is fully FSSC compliant. We have an in-house quality laboratory that is run by competent, driven and enthusiastic staff that perform all analysis according to stringent internal standards. The laboratory is equipped to carry out the following tests:

  • ASTA

  • Moisture

  • Sieve Analysis

  • Microbiology (total bacterial counts, coliform counts, E.coli counts, yeast and mould counts)

  • Afflatoxin (qualitative test)


All other tests are conducted by independent SAHNAS approved laboratories such as AMPATH, PPECB, J Moller & Associates, Bio Industrial Services, Food Consulting Services, to name a few. These laboratories are also used to periodically verify the accuracy of our own labs results.

Dynamics strong ethical principles are reflected by our staff’s commitment to continuous good manufacturing practices. Dynamic’s Quality Team audits all our suppliers annually and also makes regular visits to our contract farmers through-out Southern Africa and assists them in implementing GMP’s to ensure that all raw materials received at our production facility meet our stringent requirements.

Through the synergy between quality and production, Dynamic Intertrade is able to successfully provide a quality product to the market tailored to specific customer requirements.

Dynamic is involved in the cultivation, manufacture and import of a wide range of quality herbs, spices, seasonings and confectionery products. With strategically placed warehouses in Cape Town, Dynamics rigid and efficient logistics system allows us to service our customers no matter where they are located in South Africa with minimal lead times. Dynamic offers Halaal Certification on all of its products and Kosher Certification on all of its products.

Dynamic has a direct link with growers throughout Southern Africa, who contract grow specific crops for us, ensuring continuity of supply and  that these raw materials meet our stringent quality control standards. Apart from being raw material manufacturers of chilli and paprika products, Dynamic also manufactures a range of value added herb, spice and confectionery blends which we offer to both the food services market and to corporate clients who use them to distinguish their brands. Our experienced R&D team have the ability to tailor make blends to suit a customers specific needs, where a blend is then used exclusively for a particular customer and remains the property of that customer.

Dynamic offers a contract packing service where we are able offer all our products to our customers under their own label or they may also be purchased under Dynamic’s logo. Products can be packed in varying sizes, from sachets to 25kg bags.

Dynamic also offers a contract packing service where we pack these products in our customers own brand name.




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